5 Best File Upload Plugin for WooCommerce in 2023

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5 Best File Upload Plugin for WooCommerce in 2022

Forms are the best way to get started with you and your customers. Through files uploaded for WooCommerce you can easily paste a basic form onto any page to gather contact information, support requests, or any type of user feedback.

However, sometimes just text is not enough for the needs of users, and you may want a format that also supports file uploads.

User-submitted content

Allow visitors to send photos or other documents. For example, you might be holding a photo contest and asking users to submit entries through your site.


Users can send screenshots to better describe the issues they are facing.

Item specifications

If your site takes custom orders, you may want visitors to include file specifications, such as a text document or reference image.


Does your site accept job applications? Allow candidates to upload their resume, resume, letter, or other materials directly to your website.

There are several reasons why you may want to accept uploads from your visitors. And while WordPress doesn’t have a built-in feature, there are a handful of WordPress plug-ins that do. Many of these are form builders that have a file upload field, while others allow for larger uploads or ease restrictions on the types of files that users can submit.

In this post, we’re reviewing 5 WooCommerce plugins that allow you to receive user-submitted files through your website so that users can upload their files and access your service under a single domain.

#1. WooCommerce Upload My File

This plugin can be useful, especially if your customer wants to customize a specific product or item. This is also useful if you have a separate platform where customers and vendors need to communicate and request files or documents.

This works well after your customers have completed the purchase process. A file upload button will appear asking if they need to add more information about the order they purchased.

This plugin allows you to use it for free whenever or wherever you want. On the order form page, you’ll see a new sidebar where you can allow attachments to be downloaded for inspection by the store manager. However, there are some limitations to the features and functions.

It allows you to upload a single product and also allows you to customize and manage your products. Some great features are localization and language translations. Available languages are Dutch, Spanish, German, and English.

If you have difficulty using it, you can always ask the developer for help. On the other hand, technical assistance is needed for uploading.

#2. Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce

Checkout Files Upload for WooCommerce GPL Plugins by WP Wham allows consumers to send files not only on the payment page but also on the thank you page or on the My Account after payment page. This program provides all the important file processing settings, including the maximum file limit, the number of files, and even confirmation of the image size.

The upload box can also be limited to a payment page only if there are specific items in the shopping cart. If the file is approved or rejected, the customer will receive an email with status information.

Some of its main features are file size, maximum size, and even the size of the controlled image. Determining the proper position of the cash register button. Only upload to the field if the linked product is in the cart and set personalized tags and messages.

#3. WooCommerce Drag & Drop File Uploader

Instead of uploading files manually, you can upload multiple files. Another way to do this is to drag and drop this plug-in feature. You can use it to set requirements. It also has file type and files size validation. There are several things you can do to upload a powerful file.

You can move the WooCommerce Drop Uploader to your product and order form from your WooCommerce store. This allows your visitors, customers, or clients to upload files to provide specific details about their future purchases. This can be useful if you have a WooCommerce store that specializes in custom products.

With this unlimited file size, you can add multiple files without worrying about space. If you run out of space, you can always go with Dropbox. With this platform, you can receive uploaded files directly to your folder.

This file upload plugin can upload a large file due to the fragmented upload method. Regardless of the server settings you use, you can always upload large files in a short time.

On the settings page, you can manage everything, including the “Customize Drop Uploader” as required. This will prevent spam and malicious files from your site.

#4. Easy Upload File Checkout for WooCommerce

Easily uploading data files during Checkout is a free plug-in with many premium features. It provides a center for adding order data files at checkout. The possibility to upload the exhibition can be set up on the shopping cart site, on the checkout website, or the checkout website after the notes.

A higher version is required for merchandise. Some look at the boxes on the settings website to add or remove billing / shipment details, order comments, secure data backlinks, and allow uploads after logging in / registering. You can even select the check box to deliver supplies via email.

In the text field, you can check the file types allowed on the configuration web page (e.g. doc, txt, JPEG, and PNG). You can set the required upload document with the switch and set the maximum upload size in megabytes on the options page.

#5. Customer Upload Files for WooCommerce

Allow your customers to quickly upload a file as an attachment to their orders to deliver their claims more efficiently. WooCommerce client upload files will help you enable this option on your product, cart, or payment page.

It is often a challenge for the customer to get the sales team to understand their customization needs. This add-on removes the easy-to-download communication hole. Accept certain file types and sizes. You can limit the feature to selected products, categories, and user roles to further filter file uploads.

Wrapping up

Using these WooCommerce file uploads can increase the curiosity of your customers. It also increases their satisfaction. While we were all looking at the plugins, we found out that they are safe and easy to use. So, don’t feel upset. See how your website increases traffic and even revenue.

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