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Are you a WordPress developer and a Web Designer who uses WordPress in imitation of developing websites because of your clients?

Have thou ever wished up to expectation such was once less complicated according to personalize the menu’s or logo’s within WordPress and after determining who menu’s the users hold to get right of entry to?

With White Label Branding because of WordPress, you execute function precisely this. Take fulfilled control upon the branding into wp-admin then figure out whoever has got admission to in imitation of such as features.

With the modern version of White Label Branding, ye bear the last device because of customizing WordPress admin and thy login screen.

We bear delivered a robust Role yet Capability Manger, who choice enable thou to originate recent person Roles then assign Capabilities.

You can accumulate modern functions because of unique user Roles and ye execute even gender a “fake” Administrator account. This perform keep chronic condition you need after hand over your purchaser’s “admin” access, however, still, limit such as it holds get entry to to.

The real master choice additionally keeps black beside the user’s list. This road a consumer together with the “fake” governor account, the choice on no account understand so much he doesn’t hold fulfilled get admission to every feature.

You can additionally usage the latter WLB Administrator feature, which we later added. This pleasure enables ye in conformity with hiding factors because of other Administrators. Simply add the username on the Administrators to that amount should lie in a position according to digest whole elements over wp-admin.

We hold additionally added advanced color management of the whole wp-admin or you do create your personal advanced login templates. When you add a valid License Key because you replica over White Label Branding because of WordPress you wish reach get admission to in imitation of our Free Downloadable Content, which approves you by download our popular Visual CSS Editor.

Dashboard Tool

  • Create a limitless variety over Custom Dashboard Metaboxes together with the Dashboard Tool. If you bear our Pages by way of User Role plugin ye do Gather Access Control in conformity with each Metabox. This makes that feasible by completely customize whosoever intention parley each Metabox (Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber).


  • Enable Branding
  • Add thine personal Favicon
  • Add thou very own Header Logo (Depreciated of WordPress 3.3)
  • Set custom peak on header area (Depreciated within WordPress 3.3)
  • Add Developer Logo (Footer)
  • Add Developer Name
  • Add Developer URL
  • Remove “WordPress” beside the title
  • Hide replace slur message
  • Hide replace the download link
  • Hide Contextual Help
  • Hide Screen Options
  • Hide Favorite Actions
  • Set customized From Email Address
  • Set custom Email From Name
  • Add Public Dashboard Metabox viewable with the aid of every user; Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor yet Administrator
  • Add Private Dashboard Metabox only viewable by Editors
  • Add Private Dashboard Metabox solely viewable by way of Administrators
  • Use HTML then Shortcodes among the Custom Dashboard Boxes
  • Remove WordPress Dashboard Widgets on-by-one
  • Remove Custom Dashboard Widgets brought through vile plugins


  • Hide Top-level Menus (Dynamic generated list that indicates whole the menus relying on which plugins ye bear installed).
  • Hide Sub-level Menus (Dynamic generated listing as suggests all the menus depending over as plugins thou hold installed).
  • Sort (Re-order) the Top-level Menus via convenient carry yet fall interface.
  • Hide unaccompanied gadgets among the Admin Bar (can also be primarily based on User Roles yet Capabilities)
  • Hide the Admin Bar
  • Hide the Admin Bar Setting out of profile
  • Rename bill of wp-admin
  • Change menu icons between wp-admin (type rear retina support)

Screen Options

  • Set Default Screen Layout for entire users
  • Set Default Screen Layout by user
  • Remove Individual Screen Options

This is not in the WLB Settings menu but the top appropriate facet about your wp-admin.

Visual CSS Editor

White Label Branding because WordPress uses our famous Visual CSS Editor. It will permit you in imitation personalizing the wp-admin colors, patterns then fonts. Choose from more than 800 Google Web Fonts.

You perform additionally easily customize the absence of WordPress login, Register, and Forgot Password screens.


  • Advanced Settings
  • Enable Role and Capability Manager
  • Hide Administrator User Role shape the customer’s list
  • Enable Custom Dashboard Tool
  • Settings, Import then Export (easily backup international settings or arrival international settings)

License & Downloads

  • Get access according to our premium support, talents database then Free Downloadable Content ye join a legitimate License Key.

Role & Capability Manager

We operate not endorse thou in conformity with exchange the Capabilities on the Administrator person role. Doing hence perform motivates you in imitation of loose access after capabilities regarding your website. If you accidentally slave we bear a monument that may restoration the Capabilities because of the Administrator person role.

  • Create Custom User Roles
  • Create Custom Capabilities
  • Set Capabilities because of entire norm User Roles
  • Set Capabilities because of your Custom User Roles
  • Disable wp-admin because alone User Roles

Language Localization

  • English support
  • Spanish support
  • German support


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